About - Amalias 36

The building, located at Amalias 36, was once, informally known, as the Lykiardopulo Mansion and for good reason.

The late patriarch of the Lykiardopulo family, Mr. Nicholas D. Lykiardopulo, initiated an “internal competition” between known Greek architects to erect a building for his family, on a property which his family had owned for a very long time, at the corner of Amalias Avenue and Sp. Tsangari Street. Surprisingly, the winning proposal came from an uninvited and unsolicited source, Konstantinos Kyriakidis.

Mr. Konstantinos Kyriakidis had recently arrived in Athens having escaped the political and social discourse in Constantinople (Turkey), leaving behind what had been a successful life and business as an architect. Hearing about the competition with only 8 days until the deadline, Mr. Kyriakidis not only designed a magnificent proposal but was awarded it’s design.

During the 3 year construction of Amalias 36, the Lykiardopulo building was denounced for its “disrespect” with the news media firmly fighting against its construction and encouraging public dissent with sketches of the building as a “skyscraper” that would “block the view of the Acropolis.”

Who, then, would have believed that this “skyscraper” would go on to be the building in which hundreds of Athenians were fed during the German occupation and in which many, who were sought by the Gestapo at that time, were concealed. 80 years later, Amalias 36, is dwarfed in size by several other buildings in the area and is remarkable because of her grand architectural beauty and not her grand size.

  Time, however, had not been kind to Amalias 36. Years of abuse by former business tenants and the bombing of the UN library on the first floor left the interiors of Amalias 36 almost unrecognizable to the former family inhabitants. In 2008, Nicholas F. Lykiardopulo, namesake and great grandson of Nicholas D. Lykiardopulo, began a much need facelift to the once family home. It now houses The Image Gallery and is available for rent to hold special occasions such as exhibitions, all forms of parties, business meetings, etc.


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