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• The concept for The Image Gallery was born out of a love for illustration art of all types. To that end we have decided to open a gallery devoted to illustration art, the first of its kind in Athens and to hold a series of exhibitions at our headquarters at Amalias 36 to show the various types of illustration art in our collection.

Original Posters

• Our collection comprises an enormous amount of original posters, covering subject matters such as cinema, travel, advertising, sports, political propaganda, music and more.


• Our collection comprises an enormous amount of original photographs, many printed, numbered and signed by the artists, covering subject matters such as travel, entertainment, politics, portraits, music and sport.

Graphic Art/Cartoons

• We have a large number of pieces of hand drawn and signed graphic art created for comics, magazines, advertising campaigns and newspapers.

Pin-Up Art

• Our collection comprises of a very large number of pin-up photographs, calendars, paintings and drawings created over the last 100 years.


• We have acquired over 10,000 original magazines dating back to the 1890’s, we can almost guaranteed that we have a magazine released on every one of our visitor’s birthdays.


• We have 20,000 items of movie memorabilia.

Packaging Art

• We have a large collection of beautiful cigarette cards, fruit package labels, cigar box labels and other packaging items, the majority of which are between 75 and 100 years old.

Pop Art

• Works by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Mel Ramos, Allen Jones and other pop artists, many of which are signed.

Music Memorabilia

• Especially rock and pop items drawn during the psychedelic 60’s.


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